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fOsc 5:0 WoW. (FIRE) English version
Hello ladies and gentelmens. I have graet news for us. Yestarday our players show what they can do with opponents, as the result cw score 5:0. A few words about clan war. At the beggining of this match atmosphere was rather friendly and manner, we've made draw and battles began. fOsc.Razer have to play against wow.

Monkey but monkey had lags, and wow.2easy changed them, it seemed like ip conflict. fOsc.Artanis vs Monkey same shit, opponent had very big lags again. I called Iccup.Avatar to prove lags and try to changed monkey to smb else. Avatar doing good as always and ask wow.2easy change monkey. It was at 19:50 CET when WoW.xxxxx(forgot his aka^^) shown up, Artanis have no time to play 2 more games and ask to pp this match, wow.xxxxx - dissagred, Avatar was on channel and told him rulles about 15 minuts and w.o. (it was at least 50 mins after cw start when he shown up), and if he dissagreed to pp game with Artanis to another date fOsc.Artanis can apply for freewin.

WoW.xxxxx said that we stupid team and so on and quit iccup - lol. At this monent cw score was 3:0. Artanis took freewin and wow.2easy - wow leader, say that we bad manner team, and they dont want to lay 2x2 with us, i can do nothing if opponents team so stupid as WoW and took 2x2 freewin too.

Conclusion - WoW stupid and bad manner polish team, WoW.2easy newbee leader who cant decides any CW questions, our players can do organisation work much better him.

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