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fOscB <-> ...
Event: Ladder CW
Date(time): ...
Server: iCCup
Channel: ...
System: BO~3;
4 - 1х1,
1 - 2x2

BOSS: Serge
fOsc <-> ...
Event: ICCup CL CW
Date(time): ...
Server: iCCup
Channel: ...
System: BO~3;
4 - 1х1,
2 - 2х2

fOscB <-> ...
Event: BWML
Date(time): ...
Server: iCCup
Channel: Op BWML
System: BO~3;
4 - 1х1,
1 - 2х2

BOSS: Serge
fOscB <-> iS
Event: WGTour CL CW
Date(time): ...
Server: iCCup
Channel: ...
System: BO~3;
4 - 1х1,
1 - 2х2

BOSS: Serge
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1. Name, nickname: Jakub, fOsc.Alizee
2. Date of birth: July 18, 1991
3. Country, city: Czech Republic , Prague
4. ICQ, phone number: 257580745
5. Date of joining team: december 26 2008
6. Main race:terran
7. Rank:B-
8. Game type 1v1, 2v2 for fun
9. Which servers do you play? icc , europe
10. Favorite unit is …goliath
11. The most stupid unit is … all of zergs, protosses,
12. My SC-idol is …UpMagic
13. My idol in real life is… no idol in ral life
14. My hobby: computer, running, others sports, girls ,bw of course
15. I like music:...i have no specific style of music
16. My sporting preferences: running
17. My favorite phrase: ,, I always want to win. I hate losing. Because to be an ace means to be a neccesary player.So i like it.
18. I like when… i have free time
19. I hate when… i am stressed
20. You should call me… when i am online
21. My SC achievements: Be the best of non - korea .
22. My achievements in real life: good work and loyal wife
23. Marital status: Single
24. Following thing inspire me: music, good video, people, everything...
25. Character: optimistic
26. My opinion about team: i know this team a little time , but it is cool and good friends are here . And skill and manner is very good here
27. What do you want to attain on SC-scene?Fun, friends and be good,
28. My dream: i said it yet
29. Interesting occasion from my life: many
30. I could be useful for team as… 1v1 very active player with ambicions to be better and better
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